My published work to date has spanned four decades and many different reporting and writing styles. In 1989 I was joint winner of Scotland’s Reporter of the Year award. Here are some examples of my work.




Sunday Herald: Eagle Mania

“Dave Sexton greeted me at Craignure Ferry Terminal with a smile, most likely of relief. He had checked on Mull’s most bankable assets and all had survived the Atlantic blast. Frisa and Skye were safe, so too were Itchy and Scratchy and all their uncles, cousins, aunts and children – not humans, not pets, but among the wildest and most majestic creatures Scotland has to offer, white-tailed eagles.”

“Robert Burns had everything needed to become an icon in his native Scotland. He was working class and had to overcome grinding poverty before finding success. He was also, to put it mildly, a bit of a lad – part incorrigible womaniser, part dashing romantic – and to life his spirits he liked a good drink. He then died tragically young. Scots celebrate him as their national Bard because most can, in some way, identify with him.”

Glasgow Evening Times:  It Takes a Lot of Bottle to Give up Drink


“At some point in every journalist’s career comes the story they never thought they would write. This is mine. And for those who know me, it might be the story they never thought they would read.”

Sunday Herald:  Where Ospreys Dare


“The magnificent bird was unmistakable. Gleaming white feathers, streaked with brown, its bright yellow eyes scanning the water below for prey. It then dropped its wings, hovered briefly and  plunged with talons extended. Seconds later it emerged clutching a writhing fish. The hunting ritual of the osprey  is one of the most  spectacular natural wonders the Scottish Highlands has to offer.”

Evening Times:  Pride of the Clyde

Queen Mary

“THE threat of the dreaded axe is again hovering over the River Clyde’s dwindling shipyard industry. BAE Systems, which owns the only Glasgow yards remaining on the river, announced recently that one of its bases would close. That pits the historic yards at Govan and Scotstoun against Portsmouth. But although the glory days of Clyde shipbuilding are long gone, there are still reminders throughout the world of what made the river famous.”



Evening Times:  Eye Spy Glasgow

William Primrose

“My blog mission is simple – to unearth some of the hidden Glasgow treasures, landmarks that people pass all the time without realising what they are or the stories behind them.”



Evening Times:  Walk in the East End

Doulton Fountain

“A tour around Glasgow’s famous, and not so famous, East End landmarks.”

Evening Times:  Walk in the West End


“A walk round some of Glasgow’s West End landmarks.”

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