I am an award-winning, international journalist and author with a wealth of experience. My work has appeared in a diverse range of publications including newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs. In 2015 I moved  to Arizona to begin a new chapter in my life. I am personable and friendly, and a highly motivated media professional.

I am available for freelance work as a writer, reporter, content writer, blogger, proof reader or copy editor. I guarantee first class results. My work is concise, polished, prompt and crafted to your house style.

What I can offer:

Journalism.  As a writer and reporter of the highest quality, my articles have featured in every national newspaper in the UK. Specialist subjects include environment, military, history and politics.

Author. My first book was published in 2016. It deals with Scots who left their native land, came to the United States, and disgraced themselves in various ways. Read about it on my Between Daylight and Hell page

Feature writing.  I have handled face-to-face feature interviews, travel writing, cultural pieces and many online history and heritage articles.

Content Writing.  Website content is crucial for ensuring that the site reaches its optimum audience. I have been a respected content writing for more than two years since moving to the States.

Proofreading.  Over the years I have held a number of senior newspaper jobs that have involved intensive fact checking, proofreading and editing of copy.

Blogging.  While in Scotland I wrote a well-followed and highly-acclaimed blog about forgotten Glasgow landmarks. Find it on my Portfolio page under Eye Spy Glasgow . Since 2015 I have written ‘Just a Wee Blether’ on my Blog page, all about life as a Scot in the US.

Researching.  I have spent long hours engaged in detailed and technical research for story purposes and I am accomplished at unearthing material that is relevant and interesting.

Leisure interests:

I believe it is important to make best use of free time. My leisure pursuits include bird watching – a passion for more than 30 years – as well as genealogy, a more recent interest.

I love to travel and discover the history, heritage and culture of the world around me, in particular anything that relates to Scotland. I am a keen fan of sport, especially football, both soccer and the American version, cricket and golf.

As a proud Scot, I am an aficionado of Robert Burns and enjoy socializing, meeting new and engaging people, a good craft beer and a fine malt whisky.

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